Winter Guidelines for Portable Toilets on your Construction Site

Just because the cold weather’s here doesn’t mean your construction projects are going to stop. When the temperature dips, getting your work done quickly and efficiently is a primary concern but you also need to see to the comfort and safety of your workers.

By law, construction sites in Ontario are required to supply one restroom for every 15 workers with hot and cold running water for washing hands. Employers must also provide facilities that are heated in the winter, if possible. Pitton Plumbing understands these conditions, and can supply you with units that meet all these rules. Our self-contained units are perfect for projects on construction sites, and will allow you to follow all of the Ministry of Labour’s regulations regarding sanitation.

If at all possible, place your portable restrooms somewhere indoors to protect them, and your workers, from the elements.

If an indoor location isn’t possible, here are some guidelines to follow when placing portable toilets for construction sites outdoors in the winter.

• Keep them clean
Weekly servicing and cleaning helps prevent the tank from freezing. Luckily for you, weekly service is included with all of our portable restroom rentals.

• Stay warm
Make sure your portable units stay warm by installing heaters, if they’re not already supplied. You can also place them in direct sunlight to take advantage of some free solar power.

• Keep out of the snow
To keep them as accessible as possible, avoid putting units in a place where the snow will naturally drift or where snowplows will push the snow.

• Easy access
Put portable toilets somewhere that’s easy for service trucks to access. Try to place them near a paved road.

• Stay out of the wind
Place your units next to a wall or building to shield them from strong winds. Heavy winds can blow the unit over and wind chill can make the inside of a portable toilet even colder than usual.

• Avoid falls
Place salt around the entrance of the restroom to make sure that your employees don’t slip and hurt themselves. The salt also prevents the units from freezing to the ground.

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If your construction projects are continuing over the winter, a portable toilet will help your workers remain comfortable and allow them to work efficiently. For all rentals and service of portable toilets for construction sites, call Pitton Plumbing Portable Sanitation today. Or, request a free quote online!

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