Rocela Single-Person Handwash Stations

Rocela Single-Person Handwash Stations

If you plan to rent one or more portable toilets for an upcoming event, you’ll want to make sure your guests have the means to wash their hands even if there isn’t running water on site. We offer stand-alone handwash stations for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you’re hosting a family picnic, golf tournament, outdoor wedding or other event, a single person handwash station is the perfect solution to ensure proper hand hygiene. These rental units are also a practical option for construction sites and any other location where indoor plumbing isn’t available.

Units Include:

  • Soap
  • Fresh Water
  • Paper towels
  • Dispensers
  • Hands-free foot pump
  • All-aluminum vanity
23” wide, 28” deep, 53” high18 Gallon fresh and grey water tanks

Product information

Our brand new Rocela single-person handwash stations are equipped with soap, paper towels and dispensers. To activate the flow of fresh water from the faucet, users simply step on the foot pump. This hands-free feature helps users avoid wasting water and touching contaminated surfaces.

With a freshwater capacity of 18 gallons and a matching grey water holding tank, each single-person handwash station can be used approximately 200 times before it needs to be serviced. This means these rental units are well-suited for long and large-scale events.

Benefits of a Handwash Station

A portable handwash station makes it easy to practice proper hand hygiene, even if running water isn’t available. When you pair a portable toilet rental with a single-person handwash station, you help prevent the spread of harmful germs and maintain sanitary conditions at your event or construction site.

In addition to being hands-free, the new Rocela single person handwash stations have an aluminum vanity, backsplash and sink. Since some sources indicate that COVID-19 can only survive on this type of metal surface for a few hours, these handwash stations are preferable to plastic alternatives, which can harbour the virus for two to three days.

Furthermore, opting for a single person handwash station can make it easier to enforce social distancing regulations, since they’re designed to be used by one person at a time.

However, we also offer two- and four-person handwash stations as well as eight-person sink trailers to suit all your portable sanitation needs.

Rocela Single-Person Handwash Stations


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