Frequently Asked Questions

What types of portable toilet units do you offer?
We are proud to offer a wide selection of portable toilet units to our customers. We offer:

  • Regular Portable Units
  • Regular Portable Units with a Sink
  • Regular Portable Units with a Flusher
  • Regular Portable Units with a Sink & Flusher
  • Wheelchair Accessible Portable Units
  • White Wedding Portable Units
  • Single Self-Contained Units
  • Double Self-Contained Trailers
  • VIP Trailers
  • Sink Trailers
  • Handwash Stations
  • Roll-Off Units
  • Regular Portable Units with a High-Rise Sling
  • Holding Tanks
What is included in the cost of a rental?
For all of our units, except for the trailers and self-contained units, delivery and pickup is included in the price of the rental. For all of the units, disposal of any waste inside of the unit is included. The units are all stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and paper towels and soap inside specified units. If renting for longer than one week, one cleaning and restocking is included once per week for the duration of the rental period.
When will my weekly cleaning occur?
Once you rent one of our portable toilet units, our office dispatchers will put your order on the route for your area with a specified service technician. This way, you have an idea as to when our service technician will come to replenish the unit every week.
Can my portable toilet rental be cleaned more than once per week?
Sure! Our office dispatchers will be more than happy to schedule this extra cleaning for you. There is an additional cost for this starting at $50.00 per extra cleaning.
Do the units come with hand sanitizer?
Yes, every unit has a hand sanitizer dispenser installed and is fully stocked with anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.
Can the units be placed anywhere?
In order to service you in the most timely and efficient manner, the units are placed within 25 – 40 feet of vehicle access. Within this range, our service vehicle can easily maneuver to clean and restock your portable rental unit. However, if you require a further distance, please contact our office dispatchers who can try and accommodate your needs.
How much notice do I need to give you before booking?
Usually, a couple of days before the unit is needed are best, but we are also very accommodative to last-minute bookings. If you require one of our regular units, we can guarantee same day or next day service. If you are looking for something a little bit more special, like our wedding units for instance, then we recommend booking at least a week before as they do book fairly quickly.
What are the dimensions of a Regular Portable Unit?
The Regular Portable Unit is 91″ High, 44″ Wide and 47″ in Length. If you require the dimensions of any of our other units, they are listed under their Specifications on their corresponding product pages.
How much waste can a Regular Portable Unit hold?
Our Regular Portable Unit can hold up to 60 gallons (227 litres) of waste. If you require the holding tank capacity of any of our other units, they are listed under their Specifications on their corresponding product pages.
How many portable toilet units do I need for my event?
Please click here to see the recommended amount of portable toilet units required per amount of people.
What area do you service?
Please refer to the map of our Service Area to see if we can be of service to you. Please contact our office dispatchers if you do not see your area within our map and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Can I rent a portable toilet for one day on the weekend?
Of course! Our service technician usually delivers the portable units on the Friday before the event and picks them up on the following Monday. If you require the portable toilet unit(s) to be delivered on a Saturday or Sunday, this can be scheduled at an additional cost.
Can I get a discount if I rent more than one unit?
If you require more than one unit for your job site or special event, please contact our office dispatchers who can give you a quote for your specific needs.
Where does the waste go?
Our service technicians come to the site of the portable toilet unit, vacuums out the toilet with our vacuum truck and then it is disposed of at a licensed waste treatment facility as we are certified by the Ministry of Environment.
Is Hydro required to rent one of the units?
For our regular rentals, including the portable toilet units with sinks and flushers, as well as the wedding units, wheelchair units, and handwash stations, hydro is not required in order for the units to function. In regards to the self-contained units, and all trailers, hydro is required. The specific hydro requirements are listed under the corresponding product pages.
What happens if my portable rental unit is damaged?
Occasionally, there is accidental damage to our units by the customer or unforeseen vandalism by the public, so Pitton has developed a Damage Waiver with the customer in mind. For all of our units, the Damage Waiver can be purchased. Please contact at our office at 905-544-0006 for more information regarding this.