Portable Toilet Usage Chart

Portable Sanitation on construction sites in Ontario is regulated by the Ministry of Labour of Ontario under the Construction Health & Safety Act and its Regulation 213-91, Section 29 as amended by Regulation 145/00. Under this regulation, the Ministry calls for heated portable sanitation with flushing toilets and warm water (where possible).

At Pitton Plumbing, we refer to those units as Single Self-Contained Units and Double Self-Contained Trailers. The Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act states that the bowl of the toilet must be separate from the holding tank; and that once the waste is flushed, the waste is chemically treated in the holding tank. This regulation also states that a heated unit must be used whenever possible.

The table below demonstrates the regulations set out by the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act:

Number of Workers Regularly
Employed at the Project
Minimum Number of Toilets Required
1 – 151
16 – 302
31 – 453
46 – 604
61 or more4*
*plus one additional toilet for each additional group of 15 or fewer workers